English FuoriSalone 2018: a place to be! Come with us!

Light game inside court palace.
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Here we are! from April 17th to 22nd Milano becomes the world design capital thanks to  Salone del mobile. As usual the whole city is engaged with many events, happenings, exhibits, shows, special entrances in historical residences and even more you can image with the English FuoriSalone 2018 schedule.

Any district is involved in a competition made of design, fashion, art, colours: simply the best of Italian Style! From the suburban Ventura/Lambrate area (historical production site for the legendary Lambretta, coming to Via Tortona design district, embracing the heart of the city with its luxurious bildings located in Corso Venezia, Corso Magenta and the famous Via Brera. Narciso d’Autore will be present with his own tours from April 18th to 22nd  

The Fuori Salone is a scattered set of events with many locations, art and design exhibitions. Take care in planning your visit and always use pubblic transport. Best choice rely on Narciso d’Autore with different solutions focused on 3 main design districts: Ventura Lambrate, Brera and Tortona; and if you feel a really fashion victim we organize just for you a typical italian urban light dinner we call aperitivo and then visit new urban architectural main projects of Porta Nuova/Corso Como and City Life/Tre Torri.

Visit Time Table*of your english FuoriSalone 2018: daily from april 18th to 22nd.

  • Morning: from 9.30 to 11.30. Only for Ventura Lambrate (Morning Lambrate Tour) and Brera (Morning Brera Tour). Meeting at 9.15: Piazza Bottini for Ventura Lambrate, face of  Lambrate Railway Station (Line 2 underground Lambrate Stop); Largo Greppi for Brera face of Piccolo Teatro (Line 2 underground Lanza Stop).
  • Afternoon: from 13.00 to 15.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00. Only for Tortona (Afternoon Tortona 1 Tour and Afternoon Tortona 2 Tour) and Brera ( Afternoon Brera 1 Tour and Afternoon Brera 2 Tour). Meeting at 12.50 or 15.50: Piazza Stazione Genova, face of Porta Genova Railway Station (Line 2 underground Porta Genova stop);  Largo Greppi for Brera face of Piccolo Teatro (Line 2 underground Lanza Stop).
  • Evening: from 19.30 to 21.00 with urban easy dinner (aperitivo) and visit. Night Tour. Meeting at 19.20: Piazza Sigmund Froid for Porta Nuova, face of Garibaldi Railway Station (Line 2 underground Garibaldi stop); Piazza Tre Torri for City Life face of Svinazzando Pub (Line 5 underground Tre Torri stop).

* Time table could be modified according flow to preserve a better experience.

Available solutions

  • Single: 1 district: 25€;
  • Double: 2 districts: 45€;
  • Full: 3 districts: 65€;
  • Premium: 89€. 3 districts with light dinner (aperitivo) and night visit to Porta Nuova or City Life. You add to your 3 district visit a special night visit to the new architectural urban main projects with buildings, shopping malls and skyscrapers designed by the world most famous architects as Isozaky, Zaha Hadid, Libeskind, Tito Boeri, César Pelli.

What we offer:

  • Esclusive tours with high qualified guides;
  • Headphones;
  • Kit for the FuoriSalone visitor.

Select your ticket, reserve and pay:

Or mail us for any additional info and build your personal guided tour together with us!


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